Considering the destruction and the downhill progress of the economy during the past two years, predicting what the future holds is a very tricky question. It is one question that even the experts are wary of answering as they do not know what the coming year hold for the world. According to a UK dissertation […]

If giving PowerPoint presentations is a part of your academic or work but you feel that you are unable to impress the audience, it’s time to focus on learning powerful design principles to do it right. While it is a very effective tool to connect with the audience and provide them important information in the […]

The scientific study of the mind and behaviour is known as psychology. There are various types of psychology. The type of psychology in which we study the abnormal behaviour is known as abnormal psychology. In biological psychology, we study the biological processes of the mind and behaviour. The type of psychology in which we study […]

Leadership is all about acting in a manner that not only helps you but also enables others around you to complete the given tasks completely and maintains an effective working relationship among all the members.  For any group to be motivated to do well and succeed in the long run, efficient leadership plays a crucial […]