How to Get Started with PhD Dissertation? A Detailed Guide

Get Started with PhD Dissertation

A dissertation is the final project of PhD students who present it before getting their doctoral degree. This is the crucial prerequisite for completing PhD degree. If we talk about a dissertation it doesn’t mean that it’s only related to a PhD, yet it is similar to your assignments excessively, but PhD thesis or dissertation is quite complex and convoluted. The main focus of this article is to highlight the important points of how to start and write our thesis or dissertation for a PhD. In this article, we are going to present some tips and tricks shared by PhD dissertation writing services for students to start their PhD dissertation.


Typically, it happens that at the very start of the dissertation writing task students work very enthusiastically, but slowly and gradually they get exhausted with their work. This happens because they don’t plan before starting their work. The pre-thinking and planning is the most important factor of writing the thesis. Initially, there are few steps that students need to understand and keep in their mind before writing any task related to their assignment or dissertation.

Formerly, to start your thesis you ought to select the topic of your choice and later divide your work into parts. Research is the key factor, so you have to read as many articles and books as you can. After grabbing all the data and information you pre-plan your work and start writing your dissertation. There are few steps that you must follow; since you have selected your topic now it’s time for you to assuredly start your write-up.

  • Purpose and Significance of Research Paper: This is first chapter of your study, in this chapter students are supposed to discuss the main purpose of their study. Students have to explain that how their work is significant in the contribution of their discipline, and can also explain the reason behind the selection of topic.
  •  Literature Review: This one is second section of your write-up, you have to explain the main body of the thesis along with some theoretical framework, and also provide some hypotheses related to your topic.
  • Methodology: It is the next chapter and in this chapter, you will explain the methods that how you will gather and analyze your work, and what are the techniques and citation styles you’re going to use in your thesis.
  • Findings: This one is the fourth part. It is all about your data collection and findings, not about your literature review or analysis. You present the outcome of your study in this part. This is the most important stage so students should show their academic aptitude regarding their work.
  • Discussion: It is the next chapter, in which students are supposed to discuss what they have done in their write-up except for findings like; about the theoretical body of your study. Most of the students skip this chapter and move to the other one, but if you add this chapter it’s a plus point for your work.
  • Conclusion: This is the final section and here you conclude your work of literature. You will summarize, analyze, and briefly discuss the results of your study.
  •  Bibliography: After that make a list of your citation and create a page of work-citation. The bibliography is always written in a specific format depends upon what type of Citation style you have used while writing your thesis.

This is not the end, you are done with your PhD dissertation writing, but still, you have to work a lot. After completing your write-up make a draft and now proofread your thesis. While doing so you have to focus on certain things like grammar mistakes, use of write vocabulary words, good sentence structure, correct use of punctuation, and use of formal language. Secondly, the most important thing in your thesis is to use citation correctly and gets rid of plagiarism, because if you will not use proper citation you will face plagiarism issues.


Hence, this is how you write your PhD dissertation. You just need to follow the above methods, some rules, and regulations while writing your thesis.

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